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Dr. Masters: …we believe the Negro Community could benefit from our study.
Morgan: Your study might also help dispel some of those stereotypes about Negroes’ sexuality.
Virginia: Our point to Hendricks exactly.
Dr. Masters: …we are committed to this line of inquiry.  My only caution to you would be to remember, we’re not here to forward anyone’s agenda.
Virginia: The mandate of our study is to only go where the research leads.
Morgan: Meaning, it isn’t your job to eradicate the image of say, the Mandigo - a Negro that acts like an animal obsessed with sex.  Or the Jezebel, the female equivalent?
Virginia: I’m sorry, the…
Morgan: The protrayal of Black women as over-sexed and immoral, to the point that a Black woman can’t be raped because she wants sex all the time.
Dr. Masters: Well, certain facts can be measured - penis size, performance, frequency.  As Mrs. Johnson says, we will publish what we find, and let the facts speak for themselves.
Morgan: It’s about time they did.


I will believe the people who took pictures of Kat and Ian on set as evidence that they were the only ones filming the grocery scene and they actually confirmed it. I won’t believe fans who say they saw filming with Nina present as well. Where is the proof? Words can’t convince me. The fans from last night are speaking the truth based on the photos. Words are the last thing I will believe.

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